In this blog post, I cover a simple command that you can use in Powershell to open File Explorer in the current directory.

What is the current directory in Powershell?

The current directory in Powershell can be called “.”. You can see this, for example when opening files. If you want to start a Powershell script in the current directory, you would open Powershell and enter:


How to open the File Explorer in the current directory from Powershell

If you want to open the Windows File Explorer in the current directory from Powershell, you can use the Invoke-Item command.

For simplicity, you can also run the short version “ii” from a Powershell window:

ii .

Once you’ve entered the command in Powershell, it should open Windows File Explorer:

Powershell quick command open Explorer


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  1. Hi Niclas!

    It’s late, but maybe still useful:
    “.” is the current directory in PowerShell – you can also notice that if you are in folder “C:\dev\” and want to execute “build.exe” in PowerShell, the command will be “.\build.exe” (and not just “build.exe” like in CMD)

    Also (since I had to look it up):
    “ii” is the shorthand for “Invoke-Item”, so you could also type “Invoke-Item .” instead of “ii .”


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