I hope you are well! This week, I spent two days watching the Nordic Virtual Summit. Great sessions, and an awesome job by the organizers. As an F1 fan, I am also stoked for this weekend as it is the start of the F1 2022 season.  

The next upcoming community event is the Modern Endpoint Management Summit 2022? It is on April 7th, make sure to register.  

Thanks, everyone for being active with your tips and tricks on Twitter, and for sending me content ideas.  

But for now, have a fun week in the sun!   


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MEM.Zone/PowerShell/Set-CMImplicitUninstall at master · MEM-Zone/MEM.Zone · GitHub
(Get-FileHash .\data.csv -Algorithm SHA256).hash | clip
(New-Object -ComObject “Microsoft.Update.SystemInfo”).RebootRequired


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