I hope you’re doing well and have enjoyed the week! 

Here are some of the highlights this week: 

Conditional Access authentication strength is now Generally Available! This new feature enhances the security of your authentication process. You can learn more about it on the Microsoft Community Hub.  

Windows LAPS has been a hot topic recently, and we have some fantastic resources lined up for you. Rudy Ooms (@Mister_MDM) has shared a post on various aspects of Windows LAPS, including password rotation, thread pool, and LRPC.   

Additionally, Jeroen Ebus (@JeroenEbus) has compiled a comprehensive guide on getting started with Windows LAPS via Intune.   

And make sure to check out Niklas Tinner’s (@NiklasTinner) article that addresses a post-authentication bug related to Windows LAPS.  

Talk to you next time!  


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