There has been much talk about Intune, but ConfigMgr is still getting updated. I heard from a customer of mine that they would move to Intune once ConfigMgr is out of support. It might take a while 😊.  

This week, we have the technical preview version 2405, with updates that will likely come into production shortly. 

A summary of the updates include:  

  • SQL Extended Protection for Authentication: Enhances security against MITM attacks.  
  • BitLocker Support on ARM Devices: Adds BitLocker Task Sequence steps for ARM devices.  
  • Performance Enhancements: Improves policy processing and collection evaluation.  
  • Centralized Search: Enables workspace selection for refined search results.  

Check out the official post here: Configuration Manager technical preview version 2405 – Microsoft Community Hub  

Enjoy the updates, and have a great week ahead!  


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