I hope you’re doing well! As I eagerly await the birth of my second child, the newsletter is coming out, as it has for the past four years! It’s incredible how time flies.

One of this week’s highlights is the ability to uninstall Intune applications directly from the Company Portal. Check out the section at the bottom of the newsletter for more details and mentions on Twitter.

The second highlight is to remember to upgrade from Windows 10 to Windows 11, as we have approximately ~800 days until end-of-life. There are a few reminders of this on Twitter from the community.

The third and last highlight is new and upcoming updates to ConfigMgr. We have a new technical preview version in ConfigMgr, an update rollup for 2303, and the announcement of ConfigMgr 2309.

Here’s the content related to the above updates from Microsoft and the community.

Wishing you a fantastic week, and see you again next Sunday!

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Updates from Microsoft

Intune updates from the community

Windows updates from the community

Other updates from the community

New Microsoft Entra Portal Walkthrough HTMD Blog ( – Vidya M A (@Vidyasasidhara)

No more passwords – – Kasper Johansen (@KasperMJohansen)

Seen on Twitter


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