Upgrading TPM from 1.2 to 2.0 has been a recommendation for the past few years, but apart from increased security, there hasn’t been a practical reason why you would need to update.

But on Friday, June 25th, 2021, everything changed when Microsoft announced Windows 11 and the requirement of TPM 2.0.

Most computers released within the past 3 years should have TPM 2.0. Some older machines might have TPM, but TPM 1.2. In those cases, the TPM firmware needs an update to 2.0, which this blog post covers.

This blog post covers the TPM chip and how to do a firmware update from TPM 1.2 to TPM 2.0 for HP machines using HP TPM Configuration Utility and SCCM.

Note that a prerequisite for everything in this blog post is that enable TPM in the HP BIOS.

What is the TPM chip?

TPM 2.0 has been around since 2013, but since July 28, 2016, vendors are required to provide their machines with TPM 2.0.
The Trusted Platform Module (TPM), is a hardware component on the motherboard, developed by Intel, providing physical-level security for Windows 10. TPM 2.0 is now a requirement for Windows 11.

The TPM chip is required for features such as:

The only feature that I know of that requires TPM 2.0 is Device Encryption (Not Bitlocker). TPM 2.0 was also required for Credential Guard in Windows 10 1507, but this is no longer the case.

You can go to all machines in your environment, enable TPM in BIOS, and upgrade them to TPM 2.0. Unfortunately, this is no way of working in an enterprise environment.

This blog post describes how to upgrade the TPM chip firmware from 1.2 to 2.0 for HP machines using Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM) and HP TPM Configuration Utility.

If you are interested in downgrading TPM from 2.0 to 1.2, refer to my other blog post.

TPM 1.2 vs. 2.0

TPM 2.0 adds additional security benefits compared to TPM 1.2.

Read more about it on Microsoft Docs.

How to verify TPM firmware version

Here you can find a list of HP laptops with TPM 1.2: .

You can verify the current TPM firmware version on the device:

  1. Windows Security settings in Windows 10
  2. Powershell
  3. TPM.MSC

The different version properties on the chip are:

  • Manufacturer version
  • Specification version

Alternative 1 – Windows Security settings

Alternative 2 – Powershell

Start an elevated Powershell window and use the following Powershell command:

Get-WmiObject -Namespace rootcimv2securitymicrosofttpm -Class Win32_TPM | Select Specversion 

Alternative 3 – TPM.MSC

The last alternative is by using TPM.msc

How to do a HP TPM update from 1.2 to 2.0 using HP TPM Configuration Utility

Configure HP BIOS settings

In the below sections, I reference some BIOS settings that are to be automatically configured.
Please refer to my blog post on How to use HP BIOS Configuration Utility to set BIOS settings to read about how I do this.

In the blog post above, you will learn how to enable TPM, a prerequisite for following this blog post.

Download HP TPM Configuration Utility

The best way to update the TPM firmware is by using TPM Configuration Utility. You can retrieve the latest version through the HP Image Assistant (HPIA). Once installed, select the model you want to update TPM from 1.2 to 2.0 and download TPM Configuration Utility through the tool.

IMPORTANT! Do NOT download the HP TPM Configuration Utility through any other sources, since you might not get the latest version!!

Create an encrypted password file

  1. Open <filename>
  2. Enter password
  3. Save file

Place source files on a source

Place the source files on a share accessible by Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM).

Create a package in Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM)

Select Create Package in the Microsoft Endpoint Manager (SCCM) console.

Give the package a name and browse to the UNC path of the source files.

hp tpm firmware update
hp tpm firmware update

Select Do not create a program.

hp tpm firmware update - create package

Complete the wizard.

hp tpm firmware update - finalize package

Add a step to update HP TPM firmware in the Task Sequence

In this example, we will run the TPM Upgrade steps in the Operating System Deployment Task Sequence. It is, however, possible to run an independent Task Sequence with these scripts.

To use the correct firmware, the TPM Configuration Utility will need to know the Manufacturer version of the TPM script.

With previous versions of the tool, you must either create a script to check the manufacturer’s version and apply the firmware file or create one Task Sequence step for each Manufacturer Version.

However, in the later versions of the HP TPM Configuration Utility, this can be done automatically, using a switch.

To upgrade TPM, you might need to disable virtualization, or more specifically, VT-X.

Configure the Update TPM to 2.0 step Options tab to only run with the following WMI query:

WMI Namespaceroot\cimv2\Security\MicrosoftTpm
WQL QuerySelect * from Win32_TPM Where SpecVersion Like "%1.2%"

Add a command-line step

Tpmconfig64.exe -s –a2.0 -ppassword.bin

Note: There should be no space between -p and the password file!


To comply with the newest security baselines and also to be able to install Windows 11, you should upgrade existing machines to TPM 2.0.

How many devices do you still have that run TPM 1.2? Please answer in the comments below 🙂


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  1. Hi, I have Several HP Elitebooks and they all have TPM v1.2. (Elitebook 8460p, Folio 9470m)
    Can I upgrade them to 2.0 to be able to install Windows 11?
    The file link for HP TPM Configuration Utility is not working. Can you email me the link?

  2. Hi, I have Hp PC z240 and i have TPM v1.2 like everyone here suffering to have windows 11 because of TPM v1.2
    Anyone can help please to have TPM v2.0

  3. slight syntax issue in the PS command to get TPM version. \ char missing from namespace definition when reading this page using Edge v92.0.902.15. I believe the value should be ‘root\cimv2\security\microsofttpm’.

  4. Do you have any idea how to update the TPM firmware on HP Z400 and Z600 workstations? HP seems to have zero TPM related downloads/support for Z400 and Z600.

    For example, one HP Z400 has Infineon with version 3.16 (TPM Spec 1.2).

    We need to keep these machine running since they control important legacy test & measurement hardware.

    Physically the motherboards do not have the 0.1″ dual pin headers installed for TPM module. (The PCB traces are there but nothing installed.) The Infineon chip is directly soldered on the motherboard. I believe that Infineon chip can run TPM 2.0 if there is a way to update the firmware. But HP does not appear interested in supporting.

  5. Hi, good article. In the company there are 8 PCs [HP EliteDesk 800 G1 Tower PC] with TPM 1.2 and running Win10PRO 21H1. Using [WhyNotWin11.exe] the unsupported HW is CPU+TPM. HP listing for TPM upgrade does not show the model mentioned.
    1. Is there a way to safely upgrade TPM or method to bypass this requirement in Win11?
    2. Do you recommend to keep Win10 supported until 2025 and then purchase new equipment?

    • Hi Martin,
      When I last checked (a few months ago), this was not possible. I have been in contact with HP about it, and they came back to me that this is kept for security reasons.


  6. I have an HP Z240 Tower Workstation. The version of the enabled TPM is 1.2 unfortunately. This PC was custom built for me regarding things like the chipset, amount of memory, upgraded graphics card, etc. I received this machine in May 2017, roughly one year since Microsoft mandated that PC’s manufactured after 2016 required TPM 2.0. I feel HP is in violation in my case.

  7. I don’t have SCCM, how to upgrade TPM from 1.2 to 2.0 on HP Z820 workstation?

    Manufacturer: Infineon (IFX)
    Manufacturer version: 3.19
    specification version: 1.2
    PPI specification version: 1.2
    TPM specification sub-version: 2, 2

  8. Hello everybody !

    It would be nice if HP would eventually propose an update to TPM 2.0 for their Workstation Z420 (and even the Zx20 while we’re at it), which is not very old and above all still very powerful compared to certain processors retained by Microsoft for compatibility with Windows 11, I think that the price of their expensive hardware is well worth it.

    And no, those who ask for it are not Chicken Little Mister DGroves from HP english support forum !!!

    Bye !

  9. It appears that the HPIA doesn’t work with HP Spectre x360 models (mine is 13-4003DX). It doesn’t list my HP model when I search within the HPIA, so how to do the TPM 1.2 to 2.0 upgrade??

  10. sir i have hp compaq elite 8300 ssf tpm is 1.2
    Can I upgrade to 2.0 to be able to install Windows 11?
    The file link for HP TPM Configuration Utility is not working. Can you email me?

  11. I am also trying to figure out how to upgrade my TPM 1.2 to 2.0 so I can upgrade to WIN11 when it’s released. I have an HP Spectre x360 laptop yet no HP Spectre x360 models are listed in the HP Image Assistant (HPIA) you say to use above, so I am at a loss as to what to try next.

  12. Hi, I have Several HP Elitebooks and they all have TPM v1.2. (Elitebook Folio 9470m)
    Can I upgrade them to 2.0 to be able to install Windows 11?
    The file link for HP TPM Configuration Utility is not working. Can you email me the link?

  13. Hello,

    Please will this work for any HP Laptop with TPM enabled in BIOS?

    For instance, I currently have HP Elitebook 8460p laptop with the following TPM information below:
    Manufacturer Name: IFX
    Manufacturer Version: 3.17
    Specification Version: 1.2

    So, my question again is can I upgrade and/or update my TPM to Version 2.0 using the latest HP TPM utility as well as following your guide?
    Hope to get your feedback soon.

    Thanks for the wonderful piece.

  14. Sir, We have six laptops run with TPM 1.2. so we can upgrade to TPM 2.0. If there is an option kindly suggest me.

    • Hi,

      Instead, try to open an elevated command prompt, browse to the directory, and run it from there. Then you will see any messages that might pop up. Check for success or failure in TPMConfig.log in the directory where you ran the TPM Configuration Utility.


    • Very simple Oje, you run again TPMConfig64 It will now upgrade to TPM2.0. The first time you did it upgraded your TPM 1.2 version 4.63 from yours which was 4.60. Now you run the second time TPMConfig64 it will upgrade from TPM1.2 version 4.63 to TPM2.0 SURELY. Enjoy.

  15. Hi please am using a Diginnos PC. Below are my specifications
    Processor : Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-6500U CPU @ 2.50GHz, 2501 Mhz, 2 Core(s), 4 Logical Processor(s)
    BIOS Version/Date: American Megatrends Inc. 218, 1/13/2016
    BaseBoard Manufacturer: PEGATRON CORPORATION
    BaseBoard Product :D15S
    Is it possible to use your method to update my TPM 1.2 to 2.0

  16. Hi, do you know if an upgrade from TPM 1.2 to 2.0 can be done on an HP Elitebook 840 G2? On the chip manufacturer webpage (Infineon) they indicate it is possible to upgrade their TPM SLB 9660 chip to 2.0 specs (it would actually correspond to a SLB 9665 once upgraded from what I could read). Probleme is, HP doesn’t seem to provide such an upgrade for this module (as they do not support this notebook model anymore)…

    Looking on the Internet I found this package :

    It’s from another brand, but using the same TPM chipset.

    Would it work? Is there any risk?

    Thank you

    • Hi,

      You could always try to download the latest HP TPM Configuration Utility for EliteBook 820 G3, and run it with the -a switch and see if it finds an applicable firmware file.


    • Hello Anton7581,

      I hope you found away to upgrade the TPM, as I have the same elitebook 840 G2, it was hard for me to follow this tutorial, I don’t have any programming background.
      Please let me know if you found anyway to update it and share it with me if possible.
      Thank you!

  17. Hi Daniel!
    I have an HP t630 Thin Client,
    with BIOS M40 v01.12
    running T7X70015 – ThinPro 2GB x86_64 7.0.0 build 15 (7.1 I think)
    kernel 4.15.7-hp
    TPM version 1.2
    In BIOS I see:
    Current TPM FW Version 04.40.0119.00
    Update TPM 2.0 FW
    but I do not know if I have SLB9660 for TPM 1.2 ver. or SLB9665 for TPM 2.0 ver. 5.62.3126.0
    I am confused!
    Easy Update does not really work, says “Could not retrieve data from repository”. In fact even with Firefox I can only reach Google’s website. Can I upgrade TPM using ThinPro?
    I will use it with Lubuntu, but upgrading TPM will be probably impossible without ThinOS or Windows. Do I have to install Windows first? Could I upgrade TPM through BIOS?
    Thanks for any help!

  18. Hello I have a few HP Elitedesk 800 G1 usdt, they all have TPM 1.2 , can you please help me to upgrade them to 2.0

  19. Hi,
    I have a HP Z440 workstation. The TPM version is 4.43 specificationversion 1.2.
    I have found the HP TPM Configuration Utility en downloaded sp87753.
    I have made een new map en copyd the TPM12_4.43.257.0_to_TPM20_5.62.3126.0.BIN in to it. Then i copyd the TPMConfig64.exe in to the same map.
    When i execute the TPMConfig64.exe there is a error under Options: Error loading string id: 117.
    Can i exept the warning en go true with the update?

  20. Hello,

    Thx for your article, i’m in trouble.. because, TPMConfig64.exe is not present on the last version of HP IMA package, it just presents on sp81900, and on this package -a option is not present. can you help me to understand my error?

  21. Hi,

    Could you please share the utility file to upgrade TPM to 2.0 for my HP elitebook 8300 SFF desktop?

    I have tried many ways but those are unsuccessful.

    Or else please guide me if there is a way to upgrade my TPM.

  22. I have this old HP Spectre XT pro with win10 and it is still going stronk. Powerful enough for the small tasks with IOT adjustment purposes and for documenting. I would like to put win11 in it but it seems not to have TPM2. It has TPM 1.2 which is on from BIOS.

    Unfortunately I did not find any bios files or other info how to upgrade from this version. It seems that this version was not affected by the bug a few years ago and HP did not release an upgrade and/or this model was EOL at the time.

    Manufacturer: Infineon (IFX)
    Version: 3.19
    Specification v: 1.2

    Any idea how to upgrade to TPM2 ?

  23. Hello! I have several, 6+ HP Compaq Elite 8300 (Desktop), TPM 1.2

    Does this procedure or another one work with my devices?

    When I have run the HPIA program, it gives me an error that it doesn’t support Windows 10 21H1.

    Thank you in advance for any help you are able to provide!

  24. I suucessfully updated my girlfriend`s HP desktop with original TPM version 1.2 subversion 6.40. My own HP desktop has TPM version 1.2 subversion 3.14. The HP Configuration Utility for my machine requires a minimum subversion 6.40 in order to be allowed to upgrade to TPM version 2.0. How to first get from subversion 3.14 to subversion 6.40?

  25. I don’t have any HP computers. All my desktop cpu’s are hand built, from parts.

    How to upgrade from 1.2 to 2.0 on these type cpu’s ?

  26. Does anyone know of Softpaq to update an HP Z620 Workstation from 1.2 to 2.0…..have tried all available HP Softpaqs I can find, with no luck

    The Module installed is : Trusted Platform Module 1.2 (Infineon Tech. AG, SLB 9635 TT1.2) Firmware Version (ROM CRC 0x9AE5)

  27. In the link, I do not see my EliteBook Folio 9470m (HP Product # C6Z63UT) listed as using TPM 1.2. Security Processor Details shows Specification Version as 1.2.
    The Bios Configuration Utility does not list my computer as eligible to upgrade to TPM v2.0.
    The HP Image Assistant will not run on Windows 10 21H1, not supported on this product. Any suggestions on how to upgrade the TPM to 2.0 in order to run Windows 11?


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