If you are working with MDT, you are most likely creating, or modifying task sequences now and then.

When managing task sequences, you might either create a new task sequence from scratch or maybe you are copying another task sequence.

There are many issues you can run into when copying a task sequence in MDT, and re-using it. Therefore I strongly recommend creating a task sequence template, as mentioned in this blog post.

In this blog post, I cover what a task sequence in MDT is and how to create a task sequence template.

What is a task sequence in MDT?

A task sequence is the main player in any operating system deployment in MDT or SCCM.

The task sequence is a sequence of steps, including, but not limited to:

There is not much difference between SCCM and MDT OS deployment in this sense.

How to create a task sequence template in MDT

Creating a template in MDT is very simple:

1. Create a task sequence that you will use as a template.

2. Browse to your deployment share and locate the Control folder.

3. In the Control folder, there should be a subfolder with the name of the task sequence

4. In The subfolder, there should be a file called ts.xml, which is the task sequence

How to create an MDT 2013 Task Sequence template

5. Copy the ts.xml and rename it to ts_template.xml or similar:

Copy Task Sequence template MDT 2013

6. Go to the installation folder for MDT, typically C:\Program Files\Microsoft Deployment Toolkit and go to the folder called “Templates”.

7. Paste the ts_template.xml here:

MDT Task Sequence Template

8. Open up the ts_template.xml in notepad and edit the top row, with a proper name and description for your task sequence template:

Edit Task Sequence template MDT 2013

9. Open Deployment Workbench, and create a new Task Sequence:

10. Give your new Task Sequence a name:

11. Select your newly created Task Sequence template 🙂

MDT Task Sequence Template


Microsoft Docs – Create a task sequence with Configuration Manager and MDT

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  1. Thanks Daniel, wasted a lot of time in the past creating each task sequence with custom settings each time and was always wondering if this was possible. Works a charm, cheers.


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