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Keeping track of your devices and ensuring they are all in the appropriate systems can be a significant undertaking.

This is particularly true for larger institutions managing tens of thousands of endpoints. Organizations running Active Directory (AD) and ConfigMgr must ensure that all appropriate active devices are connected to AD and within the correct organizational unit (OU).

They also need to manage stale devices that are no longer in use so they can be removed from AD altogether. Active devices must also be located within ConfigMgr to receive all the appropriate policies, configurations, updates, and more. Overall, this can be difficult without a tool specifically built for it, often leaving organizations to manually compare both environments to ensure they align properly.

The Active Directory Cleanup Tool empowers organizations to manage both AD and ConfigMgr within one clean, actionable dashboard.

Uncover Stale Computers in the AD Cleanup Tool Dashboard

Active Directory Cleanup Tool in Recast Software's Right-Click Tools Enterprise
Active Directory Cleanup Tool in Recast Software’s Right Click Tools Enterprise

The AD Cleanup Tool Dashboard within Right Click Tools Enterprise was explicitly built to help organizations ensure that they have all the appropriate devices in both AD and ConfigMgr.

Select an AD OU and a ConfigMgr device collection containing the same devices to compare data quickly. The AD Cleanup Dashboard provides a clean and easy-to-understand graph that displays how many devices are in the AD OU, in the ConfigMgr device collection, or exist in both ConfigMgr and AD.

This comparative data saves much time compared to the manual bouncing between screens to compare what exists in AD versus what the organizations have in ConfigMgr.

Once the AD Directory Cleanup Tool data is populated, users can click on a piece of the graph, providing a list of devices within that data segment.

Enable Quick Action in the AD Cleanup Tool

Identifying devices that need to be added or removed from AD or ConfigMgr is only half of the problem. Organizations must also take action to ensure that both environments line up appropriately. Thankfully, the AD Cleanup Tool Dashboard is powerfully actionable.

Active Directory Cleanup Tool in Recast Software's Right-Click Tools Enterprise
Active Directory Cleanup Tool in Recast Software’s Right Click Tools Enterprise

When a stale device is found that only exists within AD and the team confirms that this device should be deleted from AD, teams can quickly take care of that right away from the dashboard.

Right-click on the device to pull up Right Click Tools, select the Console Tools, and Delete the Device from AD. The environment is aligned and cleansed without ever leaving the ConfigMgr console.

This process can be reversed to successfully remove a device from ConfigMgr when a device is found in ConfigMgr but not AD.


Here’s a short video demo to see the Active Directory Cleanup Tool dashboard in action. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to reach out to Recast @RecastSoftware on Twitter.

Read more about the Active Directory Cleanup Tool on Recast Software’s documentation site.

For more information about Right Click Tools, please visit Recast’s website.


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